2-Ingredient Chocolate Pudding


2-Ingredient Chocolate Pudding recipe

Today we will make a yummy and healthy dessert only with 2 ingredients. But before anything, I need to mention my dear friend Andrea here, who introduced me to this lovely recipe. "Grazie Andrea!"

I live in Monte San Vito, a small town in Italy and it looks like a persimmon paradise these days. You can see many persimmon trees in the gardens, by the roads. In this time of the year the trees don't have any leaves but they are full of orange colored persimmon fruits.

Our friends brought us a lot of persimmons from their garden so I decided to use them to make this pudding and I wanted to share the recipe with you guys while the persimmons are still in season.

persimmons.. 2-Ingredient Chocolate Pudding

All we need for this pudding is some very RIPE persimmons and unsweetened cacao powder. As you can understand from the capital letters it is extremely important to use ripe persimmons in order to obtain the sweetness and the consistency we want in our pudding. Because there is a huge difference between ripe and unripe persimmon fruits in regard to taste and the texture!

As ripe persimmons have darker color, gel-like consistency and are very sweet, unripe fruits are, instead, harder and astringent because of their high tannin content. As they mature the tannin gradually disappears and the fruit gets sweeter and more aromatic.

You can see the color difference in my ripe persimmons on the left and my unripe persimmons on the right. 

persimmons ... 2-Ingredient Chocolate Pudding

If your persimmons are not ripe enough you can let them ripen at home. When they are ready the flesh will become completely soft, almost gel-like.

You can use following method to speed up the ripening process: Put your persimmons on a plate with their stem side down. Place 2 - 3 apples among persimmons. Put the plate in a bag and place it in a dark place at room temperature, for example inside a cupboard, until the fruits are ripe enough.

You can distinctly see the difference between ripe and unripe fruits in the following photo.

ripe persimmons vs unripe persimmons ..

My friend Andrea told me to use 1 tsp of cacao powder per persimmon.
I prepared this pudding with 7 persimmons and let me write exact amount of the ingredients below.

7 very RIPE persimmons ==> 1.150 g
7 tsp organic no sugar added cacao powder ==> 50 g

  • Wash and gently peel persimmons.
2-Ingredient Chocolate Pudding

  • Put peeled persimmons and cacao powder in your blender and blend until smooth.
( Thermomix owners => Place peeled persimmons and cacao powder in TM Bowl and blend until smooth for about 40 seconds, gradually increasing the speed to 10.) 

preparing 2-Ingredient Chocolate Pudding with Thermomix

preparing 2-Ingredient Chocolate Pudding with Thermomix

  • Transfer the mixture into serving cups. Store them in the fridge for at least 3 hours before you serve.
2-Ingredient Chocolate Pudding recipe

  • Store in the fridge for up to 2 days.

2-Ingredient Chocolate Pudding


2-Ingredient Chocolate Pudding

2-Ingredient Chocolate Pudding

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